Instructing the Ignorant

The subject of Ireland’s primary schools is in the news at the moment.  The minister in charge of education, Richard Bruton, is looking at the problem of access to school for the irreligious.  The problem in a nutshell is that the Catholic Church is patron of most catholic schools in Ireland and as patrons expect those who want their children educated in them to be Catholic.  Unfortunately the Church in Ireland is somewhat behind the curve on this issue as on so many others.  Ireland’s population is now largely agnostic if not atheist and rabidly anti Catholic.  The organisation largely responsible for this is the Catholic Church itself.  The Church stopped teaching the Faith towards the end of the 1960s.  I know because I was there!  It stopped teaching the Faith and started teaching a type of humanistic do goodery focused on making this world a better place.  The thing is you can’t expect people to take you seriously if you actually don’t believe what your organisation posits as the truth.  James Hitchcock says in his book ‘Recovery of the Sacred’ that a culture that cuts itself off from its own traditions commits cultural suicide. The end result is a country full of religious illiterates.

My own position is that the Church would be better off disentangling itself from the state supported school system and have fully independent schools.  The issue is of course that because the Church authorities are no longer interested in teaching Catholicism they are largely in agreement with the state with regard to the content of the state’s curricula and that includes the subject of so called ‘sex – ed’ which involves the indoctrination of the youth in its care with the mores of a largely secular not to say Godless society.

Listening to a radio discussion on the topic later in the day between a Catholic member of the Irish Senate, Ronan Mullen, and a member of a group of non Catholic parents who wish that there be no option for tax funded schools to use religious affiliation to screen out non believers from schools which are oversubscribed, I found myself agreeing with the non believer.  The elephant in the room is the widespread apostasy from the Catholic Faith in Ireland.  The country I was born in no longer exists.  Ireland is not a Catholic State and any attempt to cast it in this light is at least disingenuous if not plain dishonest.  Senator Mullen was the person not addressing this issue during the discussion preferring instead to blame the government for inaction and poor planning.

In the news report I listened to on the subject it was stated that the Irish state was in breach of EU human rights legislation because it doesn’t provide a service to the irreligious.  This is another excellent example of the insidious nature of the Godless European bureaucracy.  Slowly but steadily faithful Catholics are being pushed into a corner by state authorities on these issues.  How long before we start seeing arrests due to non compliance with the state’s objectives of total rejection of God and the deification of Man.


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