Clueless, not Catholic!

It would seem that the past president of our little isle is unhappy with the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality. According to the Irish Independent;

“Dr McAleese, a staunch Catholic who campaigned fearlessly for a yes vote in the same-sex marriage referendum, told the Daniel O’Connell Summer School in Kerry yesterday that the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality was worryingly dangerous, according to the Irish Times. “We have the phenomenon of men in the priesthood who are both heterosexual and homosexual but the church hasn’t been able to come to terms with the fact that there are going to be homosexuals in the priesthood, homosexuals who are fine priests,” Mary McAleese said. “They haven’t been able to come to terms with that because the teaching of my church, the Catholic Church, tells them that homosexuality is, of its nature, intrinsically disordered – those are the words of Pope Benedict and that homosexual acts are, in his words, evil,” she added. “I am just worried that the Maynooth controversy seems to be concentrating on the wrong things. A seminary should be a place where people feel welcomed, not somewhere where they feel welcomed, not somewhere where they feel policed – after all, there are young people who haven’t yet taken a vow of celibacy.”

It’s sad that an ostensibly intelligent woman would make such ignorant remarks regarding homosexuality and the Church’s teaching regarding the same. The Church’s teaching is Christs not its own. No hierarch, be he priest bishop or pope, has the power to change the constant teaching of the Church. I suppose her son being a declared homosexual might have something to do with her position. She certainly has a history of pushing the homosexual agenda and also advocates for female ordination.

The Indo needs to realise that referring to somebody as a ‘staunch Catholic’ when they clearly are not is extremely sloppy journalism. Oops wait…


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